• The band

    An international mishmash of ragabond minstrels, The Small Gods specialize in authentic sounds and musical storytelling with heart.

    Artemis's powerful voice combined with soulful strings and bold brass invite you to be touched by the hunger for a beautiful new world.

    Performing a mixture of their own compositions and covers from the likes of Ani Difranco, Tina Dico, Aurora and other brilliant artists, The Small Gods play gigs, independent festivals and most recently weddings and comprise...

    Artemis on vocals and the ukulele

    Janus on the Guitar and Trumpet

    Jelka on the violin

    Ludger on sax and double bass, and (when we can convince him!) vocals

  • Live

    Upcoming gigs

    International Vision Quest Gathering

    Königsdorf, Bavaria



    Find out more about the Gathering here



    ZEGG Fundraising Concert

    Tutzing, Bavaria



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  • Past gigs

    Thanks for having us...

    ZEGG Sommercamp 2017

    Movement and melting

    Another heart-warming session in our homely Kunstcafe with our family audience. A huge thanks to our soundguru Jo who recorded the whole thing so we can share our performance! And a most moving concert at the poolside for the closing night. Thank you all!

    Studio Wiesenburg Recording gig

    Giggles and retakes...

    The amazing team at Mal's Scheune hosted us for a fascinating evening with their incredible high-tech studio and warm and understanding audience. Our first recording, lots of nerves and swerves in our music... Videos coming soon!

    The Tube at Move Utopia Festival 2017

    Amazing vibes with a world-changing audience

    We had encores to our encores and got down off that weird stage to dance with the audience and receive shoulder massages... thank you Move Utopia!

    ZEGG Pfingst Fest 2017

    Good night choons for our home venue...

    Our home audience hummed the night to a close with us during Pfingst 2017. Lots of smooth beats and love despite all the odds - missing instruments, delayed performances and a start without microphones!